The battle in between fashion and monetizing football

Hobby, pastimes, passion, enjoyable and way of life- these attributes apply to both fashion and for football, however in terms of income and appeal in the largest social network in the world, Facebook, football clubs and brand names have numerous distinctions, particularly when it comes to monetizing this enthusiasm it produces.

Amongst European football clubs, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF are ahead in a variety of fans worldwide, with 86.7 million and 84.3 million fans, respectively. As to the amount of the leading ten of the most followed sports in Europe, it represents more than 436 million fans on Facebook.

These figures are much higher than those in the fashion business given that LVMH, the owner of worldwide brand names such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Donna Karan and Givenchy to name a few, the French group is the most followed on Facebook with about 39 million fans.

Nevertheless, these large numbers suggest that football has great popularity on the Internet and is not moved to the earnings, while the style sector far surpasses the turnover of the sport. This is the case of the LVMH group, going into 2.6 times more than the ten richest clubs in Europe together.

Specifically, the French company has the ability to create 11,000 million Euros a year by 4,200 million leading 10 football teams. The brand with the most affordable turnover of LVMH, which is Michael Kors, has sales of 25,000 million a year, five times more than the football club with the greatest earnings on the planet: Real Madrid.

How is the appeal of the major football clubs compared to worldwide fashion brands enabled to work together? Note that the enjoyment of football is carefully related to a young audience, but fails to monetize their leadership on social media.

In contrast, the fashion business has few followers on the Internet as consumers most likely are adults with a high value and have other channels such as ads and publications to convey these sensations to your target market.